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waste containers
Isnad is a Company specializing in business-ferrous and owns a factory specializing in iron and metal and equipment environment and hygiene in the Arab world in Amman and includes administrative efficiencies high of engineers and technicians and expertise high that have achieved the successes we have from which to serve major sectors and ministries, companies and institutions in this area.
It's also a company that specializes in the manufacture of garbage containers in all sizes from 120 l and until 1100 liters, and is characterized manufactures Basket for gardens and plants at the highest level of technology and materials, high-quality bear the stress of high and reduce environmental pollution to the maximum degree possible, the Company is outsourcing companies are world-renowned in the field of manufacturing waste containers to achieve the highest level of performance and endurance hard to keep the environment from pollution and the spread of epidemics as it is interested in aesthetic form at the same time.
The emphasis on quality is the reason for our occupation to a leading position in the Arab world between the manufacturers of the full range of waste containers and recycling industry.

As a result of the initiatives that have emerged from work with key customers, we now offer a comprehensive renewal service and spare parts. And continue to invest in manufacturing equipment and technology in order to strengthen its position in the market.

Whether you are requesting individual module or a range of different products designed according to your specifications, it is able to provide you with assistance for large quantities in addition to individual designs listed according to customer requirements.

And can design and engineering specialists with high skill and experience create an initial model designs according to individual specifications.
Container system:
Our container system helps us to develop and present innovations in the market and often the goal is to make handling easier and to minimize the risks.

Since a long time, and we set ourselves the goal of to Toviralavdil, to help customers, and devising solutions to waste management and recycling and the use of ideas and feedback from customers to develop systems and provide new technologies for waste management.

Ranging set the standard sizes of 1100 liters and 1000 liters and 770 liters and 660 liters.

We offer a flexible way to design and manufacture additional benefits of container according to the special requirements of customers in addition to providing a full range of spare parts.
Environmental products
- Waste truck containers
- Metal waste containers
- Small waste containers

Advantages of containers:
- Design mode allows containers on top of each other for ease of storage and transport.
- Comb raise the rod corresponds to each comb lifting equipment.
- Body of galvanized steel with fully welded connections.
- Caps locks are fitted standard.
- Arthralgia column of solid hardwood.
- Heavy-duty hinges on a cylindrical shape.
- Chairs wheels pressing problem for labor service that allows easy replacement of wheel chair.
- The presence of the discharge plug allows easy cleaning.
- Chairs swivel wheels with a diameter of 200 mm, and are supplied الكرسيين front brakes operate by foot.
- Horizontal handles to lift the container to the pier.
- Handles vertical maneuver allows containers.
- A unique identification number is butchery body carefully and be recorded for security purposes.