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  • Chemical Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • large tank farms projects
  • Fire fighting tanks
  • Under ground tanks
  • Special Design Tanks
  • Rectangular tanks
  • Propane tanks
  • lube tanks
  • fire resistance tanks
  • double layer tanks
  • waste water tanks
  • floating tanks
  • pressurized tanks.

Manufacturing Activity: Includes: Design, supply of materials, manufacturing and Installation

  • Carbon Steel Tanks:        ASTM A234 WpB~WpC: WPHY-52,60,46,65 and 70

ASTM A420 WPL9,3 and 6

  • Alloy: ASTM A2234 WP1,11,12,22,5,9 and 91
  • Stainless Steel: ANSI, ISO, JIS, DIN, BS, and GB
  • Volumes in cubic meters: 100 to 12,000


Contracting Activity: Includes: Site preparation, civil works, in-place welding, erection, paint-finishing, test and commissioning.

  • Electromechanical automation
  • Special coating
  • Heating applications (High viscous materials like asphalt) / special pumping.

Tanks Farm Projects Design

Design works of miscellaneous steel and metal works for Tank Appurtenances,
Platform, Walkway, Stairway, Rolling ladder, Wind grinder, Drain Nozzle and Drain
Sump, etc. Welding all lugs, brackets and supports and any other miscellaneous
steel and metal works for tank appurtenances.

Also, the civil design starting from the land leveling, foundation design and concrete base design.
- Detailed Engineering:
P & I
Plot Plan ( arrangement)
Workshop drawings
- As build drawings


Major Types of Tanks


A. Circular  Tanks

1. Above Ground liquid storage Tanks with fixed roof: made of welded or bolted steel sheet bended according to the engineering design, could be shipped to the site pre fabricated but it will need welding and finishing on site, there are different types of finishes like normal painting, epoxy, PE coatings, special coating depends on the specifications required and the materials used to be stored in the tank.

2. Above Ground liquid storage Tanks with movable roof or membrane : almost the same of the above tank but this tank will have special horizontal membrane that moves up and down to allow vapors and gases to expand or to restrict the vaporization of liquids by sizing the tank up to the stored materials surface .

3. Underground tanks: same as above but will be laid underground to store hazardous materials or to protect the tanks for  accident or direct sun or fire, such tanks will require special venting openings and special outer lining or coating to be rust – corrosion resistance.

4. Above Ground vertical tanks:  tanks with higher heights ration compared to its diameter, to build more pressure or to preserve construction space, below are some design samples; Our Company could fabricate any required shape according to approved drawings.


B. Rectangular Tanks:

used in petrochemical plants oil fields and other  processing plants as receiving tanks, lubricant storage or sewage collection and could be above ground, underground or even elevated.


C. Cylindrical horizontal Tanks:

used widely in petrochemical plants, factories, processing plants, storage or even mobile transportation over trailers or trains. Could be manufactured for liquids or liquefied gases (LG) such as LPG, Chlorine, CO2, O2 and other industrial gases, designed as underground, above ground or even elevated.



  • Oil Rigs
  • Ports
  • Sea Repairing rigs
  • SBPS: Sea based pumping stations

OFS: Ocean floating structures
OGSS: Ocean’s ground-level supported structures


Special Treatment:

  • Cathodes antirust
  • Anti-corrosion paint


  • Oil Rigs
  • Oil fields and refineries
  • Power Stations and Frames
  • Chemical and petro-chemical plants
  • Distribution frames


Special Treatment: 

  • Grounding/lighting
  • Pipe’s supporting systems
  • Cathodes antirust/galvanized
  • Anti-corrosion paint

Most types of sea port handling systems will need steel structure frame system to attach the loading cranes, gantry system or discharge conveyers

We are able to produce most of the types of these structures according to the required design or could include the study and design to our scope of work by consulting the biggest engineering companies in Europe and USA.

Whether it was fixed structure, fixed pile system or fixed base with overhead truss structures, or deep into their specific types, Isnad is able to fabricate, transport and install the below types of loading systems:

  1. Gantry Crane – Single beam (mono girder): A gantry crane has a hoist in a fixed machinery house or on a trolley that runs horizontally along rails, usually fitted on a single beam (mono-girder) or two beams (twin-girder). The crane frame is supported on a gantry system with equalized beams and wheels that run on the gantry rail, usually perpendicular to the trolley travel direction. These cranes come in all sizes, and some can move very heavy loads, particularly the extremely large examples used in shipyards or industrial installations.
  2. Container Crane: A special version is the container crane (or "Portainer" crane, named by the first manufacturer), designed for loading and unloading ship-borne containers at a port.
  3. Deck crane: Located on the ships and boats, these are used for cargo operations or boat unloading and retrieval where no shore unloading facilities are available. Most are diesel-hydraulic or electric-hydraulic
  4. Jib Crane: a jib crane is a type of crane where a horizontal member (jib or boom), supporting a moveable hoist, is fixed to a wall or to a floor-mounted pillar. Jib cranes are used in industrial premises and on military vehicles. The jib may swing through an arc, to give additional lateral movement, or be fixed. Similar cranes, often known simply as hoists, were fitted on the top floor of warehouse buildings to enable goods to be lifted to all floors.
  5. Bulk Cranes: Bulk-handling cranes are designed from the outset to carry a shell grab or bucket, rather than using a hook and a sling. They are used for bulk cargoes, such as coal, minerals, scrap metal etc.

Bulk Storage – Steel Silos

By combining the standard steel structure and the rolled cylindrical / cone structures, the fabrication of the bulk storage silos became more than easy job.

There are different types of silos depending on the design, height and the main silo's materials, below are the major types of steel silos we can produce in turnkey projects or fabrication according to the customer's design:

  • Tower silos (Cylindrical Shape) : Storage silos are cylindrical structures, typically 4 to 30 m in diameter and 10 to 84 m in height with the slip form and Jump form,  Silos storing grain, cement and woodchips are typically unloaded with air slides or augers. Silos can be unloaded into rail cars, trucks or conveyors.
  • Bin Silos (Square shape): A bin is typically much shorter than a silo, and is typically used for holding dry matter such as concrete or grain. Bins may be round or square, but round bins tend to empty more easily due to a lack of corners for the stored material to become wedged and encrusted. The stored material may be powdered, as seed kernels, or as cob corn. Due to the dry nature of the stored material, it tends to be lighter than silage and can be more easily handled by under-floor grain un-loaders. To facilitate drying after harvesting, some grain bins contain a hollow perforated or screened central shaft to permit easier air infiltration into the stored grain.
  • Bunker silos (Spherical Shape): are trenches, usually with concrete walls, that are filled and packed with tractors and loaders. The filled trench is covered with a plastic tarp to make it airtight. These silos are usually unloaded with a tractor and loader. They are inexpensive and especially well suited to very large operations.

Other Silo's Products


  • Silo Cones:  

Other types of storage silos could be manufactured from Aluminum, Concrete or other types of materials and will need the lower cone discharge structures to be manufactured from structural steel, there are also several types of these cones (upper or lower) and (mechanical or fixed), all types could be fabricated in our factory

  • Silo Support Structures:

As aluminum, HDPE or light plate steel silos could be large and not self standing structures, it will need special support structures to be supported.


Isnad is keen to embed natural ventilation systems in all types of building to provide free energy whether it was for air change, cooling or heating, Natural ventilation also cut down energy expenses, total costs and carbon emissions.

We are able to design natural ventilation systems for wide range of buildings, as simple as caravan or as complicated as stadiums or melt-shops.

We have joint venture agreements with world leaders companies in designing and case study calculations and products designs, such as Zefyr Group in the United Kingdom.



  • Industrial Halls: Melt-shops, Rolling mills, smelters, Aluminum extrusion…. Ect
  • Large halls: Stadiums, Malls, Shopping centers, Sport halls, Closed Swimming pools, Cinemas, …Ect
  • Public Sectors: Hospitals, Airports, Court halls, Prisons.
  • Animal Barns: all types of farms and barns and rising halls for animals.


  • Air change: Provides more air change rates inserting additional fresh air inside.
  • Cooling: to remove extra heat produced from heat loss machines, by shrinking the air temperature differences from outside and inside.
  • Heating or heat preserving: by preserving the heat generated inside to reach the required temperature limits.
  • Smoke and Odor removing: by creating air waves or vacuum pressure or even suction vents and replace the indoor air with fresh air.

Intake louvers

The air intake louvers will provide a safe opening for letting only the air in, our design will prevent rain water and un required sun light to enter to the fitting zones.

We produce two main types of intake louvers according to the design: Operable louvers, Fixed Louvers.

  • Fixed Louvers:

Fixed louvers will have fixed position, and could not be closed or open widely, in the same time it will always be affordable while the operable louvers are always at higher prices, main types of fixed louvers:

    • Aluminum Extruded Louvers Panel: These louvers come preassembled in panels according to the required size.
    • Steel Fabricated Louvers Panels: fabricated from rolled formed and galvanized steel plate, welded or bolted to a steel frames.
    • Aluminum Extruded Panels: comes in aluminum profiles to be fitted on vertical posts and mullions, low price and easy solution.
  • Operable Louvers panels:  

could be controlled at any degree from closing point to the full opening points, leading to control the amount of air entering the zone and could be closed when no need or during sandstorms and windy weathers, Operable louvers could also used to direct sun light in, the main types of operable louvers:

  • Aluminum Extruded Panels: constructed from aluminum extruded panels with bearings and shafts providing free rotational movement
  • Steel Fabricated Panels: Constructed from roll formed or bended steel plates welded to both sides stainless steel shafts attached to bearings.
  • Operation Types:  There are two main mechanisms to operate and control louvers:
    • Manual: by manual crank handle mechanism
    • Electrical: by AC or DC Electrical motors controlled from electrical switches or wireless remote controls.

Ridge Ventilators (Roof Ventilators)

Ridge ventilators or roof vents are special designed structures to be installed on the top of the roof ridges, these vents have a wider upper opening's areas than the lower at the base, to insure a vacuum suction if wind passes over it.

We produce the most efficient roof vents that have the highest coefficient of discharge as high as 0.67, such value will lead get the highest air discharge.


Product base opening size (throat Size) 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m

Weight per meter square: 150 to 200 kg


By our owned factory ISNAD Engineering Industries, We are able to produce all kinds of steel Structures, Steel Buildings, Steel Industrial projects, Hangars, prefabricated buildings, caravans, large and small steel bridges.


Our industrial strategy proofed it success in the leading large scale projects , more than 33,000 Tons of steel structures been produced in 2010 only and more scheduled for 2011, such capacities made us the largest steel fabricator in the area.

ISNAD Engineering Industries is a total solution for all steel related projects, diverting from

  • Light steel structures: pre fabricated buildings, caravans, cold stores, cold and normal trolley containers, schools, hospital buildings, as all related machines in this industry are CAD and CNC machines, no such machines available till now in the area, the fine cuts, precise punching, screw dimples and all needed processing stations are guided through a pre design wirelessly.
  • Medium Steel Structures: Diverting from commercial building, towers, high rise buildings, cages, security towers, large pylons, pedestrian bridges and medium scale industrial building and projects.
  • Heavy steel Industries: large industrial projects, heavy steel structures, oil and chemical structures and large steel bridges, marine and oil rigs, power stations structures, stadiums and other large sport buildings.
  • Hybrid  Solutions: Complete A to Z projects with all site preparation, civil works, supply of materials, fabrication and erection.
  • Other Accessories:
    • Corrugated roof sheets for walls and claddings.
    • Purlin and Girtz: C, Z and U profiles.
    • Butyl Sealing tape for roofs and walls.
    • Translucent and Semi translucent sheets.