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Isnad  is dedicated to IMPROVE all factors, Procedures, machine that could affect the final product and QOL of the labors by


That’s why we are committed to deal ONLY with world LEADERS manufacturers of equipment, Steel and consumables.

Every single machine was subjected to detailed studies for the perfect results of each high quality end-production, Safety, reliability and continuous/ robust production so there will be no stops in all the sequence of our production, To meet the delivery time, we must lay-on such brand names.

Extra MAINTENANE time and sudden death is not in our dictionary, and that is why we are keen to have always the needed spare parts for at least 1 year to keep the production smooth.

We always think to improve our production CAPACITY and we add new achiness each year, with all the new Technology and add-ons needed.

Just from the beginning of 2010 we our INVESTMENTS reached 2,000,000 USD to buy new machines from Europe and North Americas.

  Machines Overview


Daito Seiki Drilling
and Sawing line,
Year 2008
Made in Japan



Ficep Punching Machines
CNC Punching Qty 2
CNC Angle Punching Qty 2
Manual Punching machine
Models 2008, 2009 & 2010
Made in Italy



Peddinghaus Drilling and Sawing Machine Combination
1100 DG- Heavy Duty Saw

Year 2010
      Made in USA


CNC HVR 8100 x 20mm
Hydraulic Variable Rake
Guillotine Shear Series
Model 2008




CNC HVR 8100 x 20mm
Hydraulic Variable Rake
Guillotine Shear Series
Model 200



Baumann GS80 Sidle-loader
10 Tons, Diesel fuel
Year 2005, Made in Italy

Fantuzzi Noel side-Loader


8 Tons, Diesel fuel
Year 2007, Made in UK



Continuous Gantry Submerge
Welding Platforms
Year of Manufacture 2010

Length 18, 16, 12 Meter s


  Major Machines List*
  1. CNX Multi Machine Tandem Hydraulic Press brake, (2WE67K400/7500) 15m width with 6mm thickness at ST37
  2. NC Hydraulic Guillotines Shear (QC11k-30X2500), 6mm thickness at ST37 plate with 2500mm width.
  3. Straighter Platform Machine JZ-1, Yangton Mechanical Equipment.
  4. Light Pole Shut-Welding Machine SKB-15000
  5. Uncoil – Level – Cutting machine PRC-3, steel coils up to 6mm.
  6. 2 of CNC Flame cutting machine, 3m width by 12 Length with 9 Simultaneous Torches (CNC-CG4000A)
  7. 2 of H-Beam Assembly machine (Z15)
  8. 2 of H-Beam Gantry welding machine (LHA) Dating Welding & Cutting Co.
  9. H-Beam Straightening machine (HYJ-800) Yangton Mechanical Equipment.
  10. CNC Drilling/Sawing machine for steel sections up to 1000 mm X 600 mm (DNF1050)
  11. CNC Drilling/Sawing machine for steel section up to 1300 mm X 500 mm (CSD3C)
  12. CNC Drilling/Sawing machine for steel section up tp 1200 mm X 600 mm (Peddinghaus)
  13. CNC Plasma cutting machine 3 m X 12 m length, 6 Torches
  14. CNC Shear press, with 8199 mm and 20 mm thickness.
  15. Heavy H-Beam assembly machine
  16. Heavy H-Beam gantry welding machine
  17. Heavy H-Beam Straightening machine (ZDX12M)
  18. CNC angle punching machine, Ficep (A166T)
  19. CNC angle punching machine, Ficep (A164T)
  20. CNC plate punching machine, Ficep (P803A)
  21. CNC plate Punching machine Ficep (P51)
  22. Iron-work (1105N)
  23. Airless paint pumps, 8 Titan (640i) and 4 Graco (360)
  *Major Equipment list updated on 2010


CNC Oxy-Fuel Cutting Platforms
Year 2007
12 meters of Length
3 Meters width
9 torches



CNC Plasma Cutting Platforms
Year 2007
12 meters of Length
3 meters width
6 Tourches